Al Arabi Plastic Factory

Founded in 1983, Al Arabi Plastic Factory has grown into the premier supplier of polyethylene and polypropylene bags and film rolls in Kuwait. Our local market share has reached 30%, and we have built our reputation in the State of Kuwait Kuwait on high quality, eco-friendly oxo-biodegradable plastics, and competitive prices.

Our Mission

To provide top-quality products to our customers while adhering to environmentally-friendly principles and serving our clients with integrity. To maintain our leadership role in the State of Kuwait and the GCC region and push the industrial market in Kuwait and across the region by encouraging investment in multiple industrial sectors, fostering national economic growth, and high return rates.

Our Vision

To expand our operation locally and overseas, evolving into a worldwide brand for plastic manufacturing and other business ventures. To serve as a shining example of an industry in the State of Kuwait through shrewd investments, high-quality production, and client satisfaction.